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What is Papergirl?

Papergirl is a community art project that distributes submitted art pieces by bicycle, freely and at random, to people in the streets of San Francisco, American paperboy style!

Why do you do it?

We think art is best when shared, why else do it? As artists, we want to express ourselves creatively, show our creations to others, and start a conversation. That's what Papergirl SF is to us, a conversation with our community. There are so many artistic voices in the Bay Area and beyond, we hope to lift them up, bring them together, and give those voices a platform and means of creative delivery. Every day could use more art and kindness. Won't you join us?

Who started it?

The Papergirl project was originally founded by artist Aisha Ronniger in 2006 in Berlin, Germany. The idea has now spread globally, with chapters all over the world. A full list of chapters can be seen at

The San Francisco chapter was started by Heather Tompkins in 2010. The 2012 edition of Papergirl SF is being brought to you by Heather and co-organizers, Nazir Agah, Andrew DeCoriolis, Chris Fry, Nick Forland, Jason Nowak, and a handful of local partners.

Who can participate?

Anyone, Papergirl SF is open to everybody!

If you are an artist in any way, or simply feel inspired to create something for this project, we aim to encourage your artistic endeavors, hope to foster your creativity, and would love for you to participate.

You don’t have to be from the Bay Area to submit your art, we encourage local, national, and international artists to participate.

How can I participate?

Papergirl SF has an open call for entries that typically lasts 4 or 5 months. Any art can be submitted so long as it’s flexible and meets the rest of the submission guidelines.

What are the submission guidelines?

Over the last 2 years we have put together a list of guidelines to keep things running smoothly. Check out the full list on our Participate page.

When is the submission due date?

Submissions are due by September 20th, 2013.
If you're mailing internationally and think your work might arrive later, just let us know by e-mail, we'll keep and eye out for it.

What is your mailing address?

Papergirl San Francisco
432 Sanchez Street
San Francisco, CA 94114

Do you have drop off locations in SF for local artists?

Yes, we currently have 6 convenient drop-off locations in San Francisco for Bay Area artists who would like to save on postage. Just bring your art to any of these locations and tell them it’s for Papergirl SF (or look for the donation box where available), and we’ll be by to pick it up. We also recommend high fives.

Mission Bicycle Company - 766 Valencia Street
Public Bikes - 123 South Park
Arch Drafting Supply - 99 Missouri Street
Rickshaw Bagworks - 904 22nd Street
Sports Basement - 1590 Bryant Street
SF Center for the Book - 375 Rhode Island Street

Where and when will the art show be?

The art show will be at Incline Gallery in San Francisco. The opening reception will be on Friday, Nov 2nd, and everyone is welcome to join us! If you can't make it opening night, the show will run for one week and close on Nov 9th.

Who gets to be in the show? How are the pieces chosen?

All artists who participate by sending us their work will be featured in the gallery show.

While there may not be enough space to hang all of the pieces by a single artist, at least one piece from every artist will be on display. If we can’t display all of your work, gallery volunteers who help hang the pieces will choose their favorite to represent you (unless you specify otherwise).

What is the Roll & Ride?

The Roll and Ride is just what we call the art-rolling shindig and bicycle distribution; these two events happen back to back in one day. We meet in the morning and package the art into rolls that include 5-8 pieces each, which takes about an hour. Once we’re done, we stuff our backpacks and panniers with the rolls and ride through the city delivering them to pedestrians along the bike route. Everyone is welcome to join us for the art rolling and bike ride.

When is the Roll & Ride?

The Roll & Ride will take place on November 11th (weather permitting) and will be hosted by Rickshaw Bagworks. We will meet at 11am to begin the rolling.

Where will the art be distributed?

The art is distributed throughout the city along our predetermined bicycle route. Riders are free to join the group at any point along the route, and some dedicated folks last year waited for the riders to pass in hopes of getting thrown a roll.

Who gets the art rolls?

Random pedestrians along the bike route. Anyone out and about along the route that day has a chance to catch a roll. We’ll keep giving them out until they’re all gone!

This project is rad, how can I get more involved?

Awesome! We’re glad you love this idea as much as we do. If you want to get your hands dirty, send us an e-mail with your areas of interest or expertise. Volunteers are always needed to help with the gallery set up and take down and the Roll & Ride. If you want to become a fellow organizer and be even more involved, just let us know, we’d love to chat.

Who are the Papergirl SF partners?

The Papergirl SF partners are a handful of really great local San Francisco businesses and studios that love the idea of Papergirl so much they choose to support this project by way of donating their services, time, media efforts, creativity, and beyond. We can't thank them enough. Check out our Partners page to learn more.

How can my organization or business become a partner?

Send us an e-mail at
We’re always up for starting a conversation.

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Yep! You can like us on Facebook, listen to us tweet @PapergirlSF, and check out photos and video from the last 2 years of the project in our Gallery.

Where can I get the latest news?

Facebook and Twitter are the best ways to get up to date news on what’s going on with the project. We’ll be sure to notify fans and followers with the latest and greatest from Papergirl SF.

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